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Your Dog's Diet - Healthy Dog Food

Your Dog Deserves The Best!

What is in the food your dog eats, is it healthy? What is the best food for your dog? What about home-made dog food?

Unfortunately, it is harder and harder to trust the large corporations that make the food our pets eat. It seems so many companies care more about making money, at any cost, then at providing a wholesome, healthy dog food.

You have to be informed to protect your dog's health. And just as with humans, the quality and length Of your dog's life is often determined by the food your dog eats. I have reviewed several e-books about dog nutrition and what to do to ensure your dog's food is healthy. Here are the best e-books to help your dog live a long and healthy life.

"Dog Food Secrets"

Commercial Dog Food is Killing Your Dog, Hear What The Experts Have to Say...
  • Most commercial pet foods are garbage.
  • the poor nutritional properties of commercial dog food inevitably lead to disease...
  • The preservatives found in the commercial dog food fed to him have destroyed his kidneys.
  • Dog food contains at least 6 deadly chemicals that have been banned from human foods because they cause: Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer, Skin cancer, Stomach cancer, Spleen cancer, Leukemia, etc.
What can You Do?
  • Become an expert in dog nutritional requirements with this simple-to-follow guide to the 6 major food components essential for dog health
  • Know in 1 second how many calories your dog should be eating every day.
  • Realize which 20 human-foods that, although delicious to you & I, are as good as nails-in-the-coffin to your dog.
  • Discover the 2 step process to preventing and treating heartworm.
  • Super-Charge Your Dog With 35 Hand-Picked, All-Natural, Life-Giving Recipes.
For much more information, go to Dog Food Secrets.

"Healthy Food For Dogs: Homemade Recipes"

Imagine knowing, in just a few hours, exactly how to feed your dog to quickly get ASTONISHING results! Here are 245 amazing recipes that make dogs grow faster and stronger... without using harmful commercial products that are infamous for mineral deficiencies...
  • Healthy dog food recipes for young and old dogs.
  • Natural recipe to keep fleas away.
  • Gourmet Biscuit recipes.
  • Dozens of recipes for delicious, economical, healthful dog food.
  • Treats (Your pet will love you).
  • Dog bones
  • Make your own dog shampoo.
  • Eliminate dog's bad breath.

For more information, go to Healthy Food For Dogs: Homemade Recipes.

"68 Dog Food Ingredients To Die For!"

You want to make sure your dog gets the best food possible, but you do not have the time or the ability to make your own dog food. So your are going to buy commercial dog food. This e-book tells you what to watch out for - The deadly or useless ingredients that many dog foods contain...
  • 28 Deadly Ingredients - avoid foods containing these. Known to cause disease or still simply... ' effects unknown'.
  • 15 ingredients OK in moderation only - these should be low on the ingredients list. Too much and your dog becomes ill.
  • 25 harmless BUT useless ingredients - used so dog food companies can fill your dog's belly cheaply. You end up paying for nothing and your dog is full but not nourished!
For more information, go to 68 Dog Food Ingredients To Die For!

"Veterinary Secrets Revealed"

Frustrated Veterinary Doctor Reveals Simple Secrets To Safeguard Your Pet's Health, Slash Vet Bills, And Even Save Your Pet's Life!

Over 1,000 Safe, Natural and Effective Solutions for Healing Your Pet - Proven Solutions, Tested By A Veterinarian.
  • End diarrhea FAST. Use a common people remedy or choose from other solutions.
  • Cure your pet's leaking bladder.
  • Find the specific massage points for hip dysplasia.
  • Treat your pet's arthritis at home.
  • QUICKLY give relief from Hot Spots
  • Treat your pet's dental problems.

For more information, go to Veterinary Secrets Revealed.

"Kingdom Of Pets : SitStayFetch"

Dog Obedience Training Secrets to STOP Your Dog’s Behavior Problems!

While this e-book on training your dog is not directly diet related, having a well-behaved dog is essential to your dog's health. This is the best book I have found for solving bad behavior in dogs.
  • Need to stop your dog from trying to fight with other dogs?
  • Sick of having your dog race out the front door?
  • Hate having your dog jump up on you?
  • Neighbors getting annoyed with your pets constant barking?
  • Having trouble with your dog pulling on the leash?
  • Discover how to train your dog to learn any command.

For much, much more information, go to Kingdom Of Pets : SitStayFetch.

"Hope For Healing Canine Liver Disease"

This is the ONLY book that addresses Canine Liver Disease - the 5th leading cause of Non-Accidental Death among dogs!

Liver Disease does NOT have to be a Death Sentence. Here is some of the information in this e-book:
  • Why liver disease is usually well advanced before any symptoms are noticed.
  • The food and supplements that protect, reverse and heal liver damage.
  • How to care for your sick dog.
  • How your dog communicates symptoms.
  • What symptoms to watch out for.
  • How to treat liver related illnesses that might come up.

For much more information, go to Hope For Healing Canine Liver Disease.

Publisher's Note: The health of your dog is important to you and your family. These e-books contain valuable information about healthy dog food to solutions for behavioral problems.

I recommend that you review these e-books, one or more of them may provide the information you need to give your dog a healthier and longer life and enrich your relationship.

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