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Diabetes and Food - Curing, Controlling and Preventing Diabetes Through Your Diet

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What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder of the metabolism, that is, the method our bodies use digested food for growth and energy. Most of the food we eat is broken down into glucose, the form of sugar found in the blood. Glucose is the main source of fuel for the body.

After digestion, glucose passes into the bloodstream, where it is used by cells for growth and energy. For glucose to get into cells, insulin must be present. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, a large gland behind the stomach.

When we eat, the pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin to move glucose from blood into our cells. In people with diabetes, however, the pancreas either produces little or no insulin, or the cells do not respond appropriately to the insulin that is produced. Glucose builds up in the blood, overflows into the urine, and passes out of the body in the urine. Thus, the body loses its main source of fuel even though the blood contains large amounts of glucose.
  • Type 1 Diabetes - Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease results when the body's system for fighting infection (the immune system) turns against a part of the body. In diabetes, the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. The pancreas then produces little or no insulin. A person who has type 1 diabetes must take insulin daily to live.

  • Type 2 Diabetes - When type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, the pancreas is usually producing enough insulin, but for unknown reasons the body cannot use the insulin effectively, a condition called insulin resistance. After several years, insulin production decreases. The result is the same as for type 1 diabetes — glucose builds up in the blood and the body cannot make efficient use of its main source of fuel.

The Relationship Between Diabetes And Food

Generally after one is diagnosed with diabetes the following steps are taken: A change to healthier eating habits, increased physical activity and take insulin if needed (type 1 Diabetes). Dieting-help.com is dedicated to helping you enjoy a healthier lifestyle through your diet. Can changing what you eat help you control and even cure your diabetes? The information in the following e-books say, "Yes!" Review this information provided. And find out about how you can fight back against Diabetes. Discover how to return to a normal life, where your diabetes is under control, prevented, and, perhaps, even cured.

"The Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough"

Diabetes is not a Disease About Not Having Enough "Insulin"... but a Disease of the Organ that Produces Insulin: The Pancreas.

Discover The Root Cause for Diabetes - And How To Slowly, But Surely, Trigger Your Body To Produce More Insulin...
  • Find out about Not so "innocent" yet everyday substances that are currently attacking the pancreas (Hint: You're probably still eating these, although they're severely damaging your pancreas).

  • Learn about the most effective fruits and vegetables in cleaning up excess acidic waste... and how to cleanse your pancreas completely from systemic acidosis.

  • Discover the 5 critical ingredients for a healthy body at all times (99% of people don't get enough of at least 3 of them!

  • A scientific discovery that jump-starts your body to do its natural work, which is to heal itself and restore the pancreas' natural function: Producing insulin!

  • Super-charge your recovery with 3 ingredients that will instantly clean your pancreas from acids. (Hint: These little-known ingredients are the fastest way possible to drastically slash your blood sugar levels in weeks, not months!)

  • One "space-age", Nobel-prize winning ingredient that hardly anyone knows about... yet a small group of leading scientists and doctors can't stop raving about because of its "immune system-boost"... and health-benefits for hormones like insulin.

  • Boost your energy levels, sleep better and increase your mental clarity.

  • Get the Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough, lower your blood sugar levels, watch your units of insulin drop... and eventually be free from shots altogether!
For more information, go to The Diabetes Miracle Breakthrough.

"How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!"

Discover PRIMAL Foods & Natural Remedies That Empower You To HEAL Type 2 Diabetes & Its Complications!

New 195 Page eBook Reveals the Secrets You Need to...
  • Restore Your Pancreatic Function
  • Reduce or Eliminate the Insulin Resistance of Your Body Cells
  • Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally
  • Reverse or Prevent Damage to Your Eyes, Nerves, Gums, Kidneys and Heart
  • Prevent or Eliminate the Threat of Gangrene and Amputation
  • Reduce or Eliminate Insulin Or Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs
  • Easily Lose 2 Pounds of Ugly FAT per Week or Perhaps More
For more information, go to Fight Type 2 Diabetes and Win.

"Diabetic Cooking Guide"

In this exclusive guide, you'll discover...
  • Over 75+ pages of valuable information to put you on the path to good health and happiness… much of it finger-licking-good!
  • Dozens and dozens of mouth-watering, good-for-you recipes that will quickly become family favorites. Including important diabetic calorie, saturated fat, and carbohydrate information for every recipe.
  • 5 easy-to-follow chapters that help you understand what you can do to take control of your diabetes with simple tips, tricks, and tutorials.
  • An entire chapter dedicated to exercise even the biggest couch potatoes will enjoy… and lose weight, too!
  • Diabetic cooking resources to equip you with everything you need to know to keep healthy, happy, active…and eating delicious food!

For more information, go to Diabetic Gooking Guide.

"Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection"

If you or a loved one has type 2 diabetes, also called adult onset diabetes, insulinemia, and diabetes mellitus, it is time you discovered the link between commonly known deficiencies of vitamins/minerals/amino acids/enzymes to ALL the various symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection can...
  • help you lower your blood sugar levels naturally
  • help you to bring cholesterol and triglycerides back into the safe range naturally
  • help you get your blood pressure back into the normal range, thus reducing risks of heart disease and strokes
  • help your body solve impotence and/or erectile dysfunction,
  • help improve your immune system functions,
  • help your body repair damage to your eyes, kidneys, and liver,
  • help improve circulation, thus preventing gout and gangrene and possibly saving your toes, feet, or legs from amputation,
  • may even help you to prevent getting diabetes in the first place even if the rest of your family has developed diabetes!

For more information, go to Diabetes, the Vitamin and Mineral Connection.

"The Natural Diabetes Handbook"

Within minutes of reading "The Natural Diabetes Handbook" you will learn that you have the power to block, completely control, and in some cases reverse this disease that is becoming an epidemic throughout the world! Learn Natural Approaches to Diabetes to...
  • Rub Away Pain with This Herb.......page 47
  • Dramatically Cut Blood Sugar with Vinegar!.......page 61
  • Reduce Diabetes by 27% with This Food.......page 55
  • Could This be The Universal Supplement?.......page 24

And Discover...
  • The Power of Cinnamon
  • How to Make Smart Choices with the Glycemic Index (GI)
  • The Finland Factor....
  • A Miracle Mineral

For more information, go to The Natural Diabetes Handbook.

Publisher's Note: Each one of these e-books has a unique way of approaching how to control, prevent and possibly reverse Diabetes. There IS a connection between what we eat and the level of our health. Self-education is necessary in the effort to be responsible for our bodies and our health.

I recommend that you review these e-books, one or more of them may provide the information you need to live a healthier and longer life.

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