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Diet Cures - Three Ways to Defeat Insomina

Getting a goodnight's rest.
Does it seem that you never get enough rest, even after sleeping many hours? One of the reasons for this fatigue, could be insomnia. Being sleepy during you waking hours, occasionally, is not so bad, but long term effects from constant insomnia can be disasterous.

Those suffering from insomnia, find it very difficult to concentrate and stay awake during the day. This can lead to failed relationships and lost opportunities for promotion, because tiredness is seen as insincerity and lack of interest.

Those events are serious enough effects of insomnia, a tragic result can be lives lost through traffic accidents when drivers doze off.

Now that you know some of the ways that a sleep disorder can disrupt your life, what can be done about getting a goodnight's rest? Here are 3 ways to help you into slumberland once your head hits the pillow:

  • Learn your sleep cycle: When we fall asleep, our body goes through 5 different stages of sleep during a sleep cycle.

    Stage 1 sleep is when your are in a state of drowsiness. Your eyes are closed. but if aroused ROM this stage, you feel as if have not been asleeo at all. Stage 1 usually lasts for five to 10 minutes.

    Stage 2 is a period of light sleep. Your muscles are rleaxing, the heart rate slows down and your body temperature decreases. At this point, the body is preparing to enter a deep sleep.

    Stages 3 and 4 are thee deep sleep stages, with Stage 4 being more intense than Stage 3. If you were hooked up to an electromyograph, during these stages, you would see that your brain is producing slow-waves, or delta waves. You are less likely to be easily aroused during these stages.

    REM - Rapid Eye Movement. The last stage of sleep in the cycle is one which is dominated by a characteristic rapid eye movement. Heart rate and respiration speed up and become erratic, while the face, fingers, and legs may twitch. Your brain is also showing activity as your are experiencing various dreams.

    A typical sleep cycle last from 90-100 minutes. Most people have 4-5 cycles during a night's sleep.

    Why is knowing about the sleep cycle important? You want to coordinate your waking up time with the end of a cycle, just as you are completing the REM stage. Getting up before or after REM sleep, ie, in one of the other stages, makes you feel drowsy and unrested. Getting up right after a completed cycle is much more restful for you, even if you sleep period contains fewer sleep cycles. You may feel as rested after four cycles with six hours sleep as you would with 5 cycles after 7 and half hours sleep. Time your waking moments to occur right after you experience your dreams - REM sleep.

    To effectively cure your insomnia and enjoy quality sleep, try to see insomnia as your enemy, something you need to know more about, in order to defeat.
    "Know thy enemy and know thyself, and you can win every battle." - Sun Tzu from Art Of War
    Natural Sleep Secrets.

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  • Sleeping Environment: To help ensure that one does not disrupt the 'correct' sleep cycle, make sure that where you are sleeping is comfortable for your body.

    Control the temperature. It is easier to fall asleep if you are cool. Sleep experts say that the ideal room temperature is between 65 to 70 degrees F. A small elecric fan directed towards your body, even under covers, can also help cool you down. The "white noise" of the fan can also help keep you from being distracted by the odd night noise. keeping the temepartures low will help your body fall asleep.

    Don't sleep with the lights on. A darkened room encourages the body's production of a chemical known as melatonin, which helps induce sleep. For day sleepers, try to block out as much light as you can, using a sleep mask is Also recommended.

  • Exercise:  To help moderate your sleep-cycles, you need to exercise, and preferably in the daytime and if possible, under the sun. The body runs through many different rhythmic cycles during 24 hours. Our body evolved under conditions of daily exercise and despite today's more sedentary lifestyles, the body still expects that exercise. And daily physical exertions help keep our cycles in balance incuding the sleep cycle. Exercising under the sun, also contributes to raising your body temperature.

    As a general rule, if you maintain a higher body temperature through the day, as night approaches, your body temperature will naturally drop and falling asleep will be easier.

Your good health depends upon having a rested body. Knowledge and an awareness of your personal "sleeping" habits are necessary steps toward defeating insomnia. You can get the sleep you need! For more information about insomnia and how to get the quality sleep you are seeking, please visit=> Natural Sleep Secrets.

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