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What are the Underlying Causes Of Cold Sores?

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by Denny Bodoh

Want to know the primary causes of cold sores? Read this ariticle and you will uncover the top three sources that will help you identify what the causes of cold sores are in your life.

Many people claim that stress, illness and injury are the primary causes of the appearance of cold sores. These are not the true causes of cold sores, we call these cold sore triggers.

Why folks believe these are the causes of cold sores is that you often get a cold sore along with them. What actually happens is that stress and illness, etc., change your body in such a way as to encourage the activation of the cold sore virus.

The herpes simplex virus brings about any cold sore, fever blister or oral herpes event. Normally this virus hides deep in the root cells of your facial nerves. If the herpes virus activates, it moves to the surface quickly. It then infects the nerve cells and begins replicating - destroying those cells in the process.

Because the herpes simplex virus hides in the nerve cells, it can pick up on the slightest change in your physical condition. The triggers mentioned earlier cause these changes.

Here are the three basic, that is, underlying causes of cold sores. These are the conditions that maybe triggered by stress and illness... And when these bodily conditions occur, things are just right, for the herpes virus to activate and replicate.

1. ACID pH. - The acid or alkaline state of your body is its pH balance. The pH scale runs from 1 through 14 - below 7 is acid and above 7 is alkaline. Your optimal pH is 7.35, which is slightly alkaline.

As long as your body is alkaline (above 7pH) you will rarely get a cold sore. Should your pH drop into the acid zone, the herpes virus could easily activate. Of all the causes of cold sores, this is the top one.

Stress can lead to cold sores because it causes an acid change in your body. Illness, injury and winter weather also can lower your pH level. These triggers cause hormone and protein changes that create an acid environment.

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Your diet can also be a cause of cold sores. Carbonated drinks and high intake of beef and pork are popular offenders that will push you into an acid pH. Most vegetables will raise your pH to the alkaline side. Balance your diet.

Although an acid pH may be the main cause of cold sores, the next two triggers are also causes of cold sores - especially when combined with a low (acidic) pH.

2. AMINO ACIDS LYSINE AND ARGININE. - Arginine is a protein and the main ingredient used for the creation of the herpes simplex virus. If no arginine is available, the herpes replication process cannot occur and no cold sore will happen.

Your cells have a special area within the cell to store arginine. Lysine is also stored in the same area. If you take in high levels of lysine, your cells will make room for it by getting rid of some arginine.

Lysine is a protein that will not cause cold sores. The more lysine stored in your cells, the less arginine will be available. This prevents oral herpes cold sore outbreaks.

Most people who use lysine for preventing and healing cold sore eruptions use handy lysine supplements. They are cheap, easy to find and safe.

3. THE POWER OF MULTI-VITAMINS. - The power of your immune system - and the strength of your antibodies - is dependant on the nutrients you take in. In particular you need proper quantities of minerals and vitamins.

A drop in immune strength means weak antibodies and causes cold sores. Your best bet for treating and preventing cold sore events is to take in vitamins and minerals from quality food and supplements daily.

Even the American Medical Association agrees that we do not get optimum quantities of essential vitamins and minerals from food alone. You should also be taking a premium quality multi-vitamin supplement every day.

Calcium is very high importance in cold sore avoidance. It is the main mineral used by your body to keep your body alkaline. Cold sore victims should take large doses of calcium.

Now you know the primary causes of cold sores:  A low pH balance, large amounts of stored arginine and a poor immune system with weak antibodies.

When you experience any stress, your body will tend toward the acid side. It also makes your immune system much weaker by consuming massive amounts of critical vitamins and minerals.

Keep in mind that all cold sore triggers ultimately result in these primary causes of cold sores. Eliminate these underlying causes and you will not get cold sore outbreaks.

About the Author:  Want to know all the causes of Cold Sores? Everything you need is at Denny Bodoh's fun web site. It's absolutely packed with expert facts and info about Cold Sore causes and remedies you can use now.

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