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Cancer and Diet - Curing and Preventing Cancer Through Diet and Other Natural Means

Cancer, The Big "C"

Cancer is the uncontrolled division of cells in the body. This unregulated growth is due to damaged DNA which results in mutations to genes that encode for proteins controlling cell division. The result are tumors and other dangerous cell growths that zap the body ability to survive.

It is at the cellular level that cancer needs to be defeated. And that is where what you eat plays a role. Your diet ultimately determines what nutrients reach your cells. I have gathered here several e-books that explore and provide alternate, drug-free, non-toxic methods of curing cancer. Diet, nutrients, herbs and non-food related cancer treatments can be found in this e-books that may help you cure you cancer and live a longer, healthier life.


Comments on Cancer

As a cancer cure resveratrol has definite possibilities. The research is in the very early stages. Scientists are still using cell cultures and laboratory animals. Clinical trials and safety testing will need to be conducted. Eventually, the research may get to effectiveness as a treatment for one of our two biggest killers. The Breuss Cancer Cure is a 42 day juice fast. It is a program of combining particular vegetable juices with specially blended herbal teas. This treatment deals with cancer and other diseases by totally detoxifying and cleansing the whole system. But, that is years away from now.

Now to asparagus as a cancer cure. There are reports that different types of cancers have been cured by eating asparagus. According to those reports, some have been cured of cancer of the lymph glands, cancer of the bladder, lung cancer and skin cancer. Those reports only show the claimed results. The "why and how" the cancer was cured stays a mystery. Some even say that the said treatment is a hoax! In any case, eating asparagus and using it as cancer treatment will do more good than harm. It has been said that asparagus contains antioxidants. This is probably one of the primary reasons why it can help in curing cancer.

According to some statistics cancer cure the natural way has a success rate between 80 to 95 %. Compared with drug treatment the success rate is only 45 to 55 %. It is still classed as a success if a cancer patient dies between 5 to 6 years after drug treatment. It is also very surprising that conventional cancer programs still do not address diet and the need to avoid sugars. Now there is hope for a stage 4 cancer cure or at any stage of cancer. Based on some tests that has been performed, it has shown that the extracts from the Graviola tree can help effectively kill malignant cells in 12 types of cancer which can also help to treat problem like colon, pancreatic cancer, prostate, lung and breast cancer. It is powerful in helping to slow down the development of the cancer cells and help get rid of the cancer cells in your body.

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Changing your food is not the only change you need to make. Holistic Cancer Cures deal with the mind and how "Thoughts are things." Since you have "thought yourself into illness" you can "think yourself into wellness." This is not an easy concept to grasp at first, but when you take time to consider alternative cancer cures and alternative cancer therapy a new realization happens.

Yes, I understood that the Therapy solved two major problems, the nutritional deficiency and toxic build up, but I didn't exactly see the relationship between the Therapy and oxygen deficiency, which I had already determined previously, was an absolute MUST for any Cancer cure to be effective over time!

Now, after discovering this new information about how alkalinity benefits the body in relationship to Oxygen, I feel confident and ready to research the true benefits of Alkaline Water: Is it a real Cure, or just another "Symptomatic Cure"? From a casual glance, it seems that it should be a genuine Natural Cancer Cure, but that remains to be seen... so stay tuned!

"Natural Cancer Treatments"

This set of e-books and reports gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about natural and alternative treatments for cancer. In one place. It will save you months of searching. Over 350 treatments. Over 2,000 testimonials. Success rates for surgery, radiation and chemo that you won't find anywhere else. Where to get help, including financial help, too. Download now and be reading the information in minutes!
  • Documented evidence that alternative cancer treatment works - over 2,000 testimonials.
  • Almost all treatments are non-specific, that is, they help with any cancer anywhere in the body.
  • Treatments based on little-known scientific studies and inventions.
  • Amazing insights revealed - official statistics show that people with advanced breast, prostate, colon and lung cancer do not live longer after receiving chemotherapy.
  • There are alternatives to, and complementary therapies to use with, chemotherapy.
  • Discover best-priced and inexpensive sources of the treatments - some are free!
  • You can commence many alternative cancer treatments immediately.
  • All contained in a set of 4 e-Books and Reports quickly and easily downloadable to your computer.
  • 100% refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Order and download now and this vital information can be yours in less than 5 minutes!
For more information, go to Natural Cancer Treatments.

"Cancer - Step Outside The Box"

In this e-book, Step Outside the Box is revealed the most potent and well-proven alternative strategies for preventing and treating cancer... without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation (i.e. the "Big 3")
  • Discover the truth about the Cancer Industry's suppression of natural cancer treatments and persecution of honorable physicians who use these treatments.
  • Learn about the "banned" vitamin which costs less than $20 per month which can be taken as a "preventative" and will virtually eliminate the chance of getting cancer.
  • Discover the #1 nutrient that's chronically deficient in nearly all cancer patients (and how you can get this vitamin absolutely free for a lifetime!)
  • Learn which 3 foods skyrocket your risk of cancer (You're probably eating these foods every single day...)
  • Discover which foods are an essential part of your "cancer fighting arsenal"
  • Find out which "backyard weeds" actually kill cancer cells, and learn how to brew them into a tea which you can drink daily
  • Discover the truth about how we are poisoning our children with vaccinations
  • Find out the frauds about fats and learn which healthy fats actually make you skinny and also slash your cancer risk
  • Get the scoop on how to trick your cancer into gobbling up toxic chemicals and self-destructing.
  • Learn which foods contain phytochemicals that literally suppress the growth of cancer cells.

For more information, go to Cancer - Step Outside The Box.

"Natural Cancer Remedies that Work"

Give yourself as much as a 98 percent chance of beating cancer... With this exciting new treatment - PLUS nine other little-known remedies that are saving thousands of lives.
  • Cancer Remedy #2: The rare plant extract - an immune-system miracle that literally devours cancer cells!
  • Cancer Remedy #8 - A revolutionary new supplement that can repair damaged, cancer-prone DNA
  • Cancer Remedy #9 was "discovered" in the 1930s. But Native Americans may have used it for hundreds of years...
  • Cancer Remedy #10 reveals a diet plan that has saved thousands of lives over the last 70 years, according to many witnesses.

For more information, go to Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

"Skin Cancer Advice"

Melanoma Can Be Beaten, 7 Survivors Tell How They Beat Melanoma, Even At Stage 4.

Common questions about melanoma...
  • How do I know if I have melanoma? What are the signs and symptoms?
  • What are the stages of the disease?
  • How is melanoma normally treated?
  • What alternative treatments are available?
  • What are the latest treatments being developed, and who is carrying out clinical trials of these new treatments?

For more information, go to Skin Cancer Advice.

Publisher's Note: Each one of these e-books has a unique way of approaching how to cure and prevent cancer. There IS a connection between what we eat and the level of our health. Self-education is necessary in the effort to be responsible for our bodies and our health.

I recommend that you review these e-books, one or more of them may provide the information you need to live a healthier and longer life.

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The information is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed medical professional. The information is provided to support your informed consent to any treatment program you may decide to undertake.

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